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Our planet is in crisis – from climate change to ocean pollution and to the destruction of our forests.

The carbon footprint is used to measure the impact of human activities on the environment. This way we can calculate our contribution to global warming. Our travels, our electricity consumption and the production of food and consumer goods require large amounts of energy.

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Humanity’s carbon footprint has increased 11-fold since the 1960s and it continues to grow. Reducing our carbon footprint is the most important step we can take to end ecological overshoot and live long, happy lives on Earth. If you aim for sustainability, you need to know, reduce and offset your carbon emissions.

In 2020, the average individual carbon footprint of Hungarians will be 5 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent per capita, compared to 7.7 tonnes of CO2e per capita in Germany and about 14.24 tonnes of CO2e per capita in the US. This figure has fallen by 0.7 tonnes in Hungary since 2014, but to keep global warming below 2°C, we need to reduce our individual carbon footprint to 1.87 tonnes per year by 2050.

The fundamental cause of this sad global situation is increasingly being recognised: Humanity’s ecological and carbon footprint is significantly larger than the carrying capacity of the Earth. Currently, we consume more than one and a half times as many resources as grow back naturally (total biocapacity), which means that some resources will soon be drastically reduced or even exhausted (e.g. drinking water) and the state of the ecosystem will continue to deteriorate.