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Small steps with which you have also done something for the Earth.

This is your ecological footprint on the Earth (in hectares):
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If everyone lived like you, we would need

The ecological footprint of people living in Hungary is 3.7 hectares; try to reduce your footprint even further!

On average, there are 1.6 hectares for every person on Earth. So in terms of sustainability, your ecological footprint should be 1.6 or less!


Value clean drinking water, don't waste it.
Save water when washing.
Take a shower instead of a bath.
Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.
Take the stairs instead of the lift.
Even if you don't pay for the energy yourself, save it.
Give a homemade gift on holidays.
Eat less meat.
Order ready-made food as rarely as possible.
Do not drive to places you can reach on foot, by bike or by public transport.
Take part in a rubbish collection campaign.
Plant a tree.
Instead of passively watching TV, read a book or play board games with friends and family.
Always take a cloth bag with you when shopping.
Avoid disposable products, as their mass production and disposal wastes energy and pollutes the environment.
Collect your waste separately and encourage your family to do the same!
Take broken technical devices to a special waste collection point and do not throw them in the dustbin.
Things you no longer need can be valuable to others. There are many virtual markets in the online world, try selling or giving them away.
Less clothes, shoes and electrical appliances -> less waste.
If something breaks, get it fixed instead of buying a new one.
Did you know that you can rent many things? Just because you do not own the objects, you can still enjoy them.
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